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Tooth Extractions in Keller, Tx

Our goal at Sky Creek Dental is to always preserve our patients’ natural teeth whenever possible. However, if a tooth needs to be extracted in order to maintain optimum oral health, we provide comfortable and thorough treatment.

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Why Teeth Are Extracted

There are several reasons why we may recommend tooth extraction, including:

  • Wisdom teeth that have become impacted
  • Teeth that have suffered severe damage (such as a crack or fracture that reaches the root)
  • A tooth infection that spreads enough to make saving the tooth impossible
  • Severely misaligned teeth that might interfere with orthodontic treatment

Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Extracting a tooth may not always be a good idea, but in some cases, it can be necessary to preserve the oral tissues around it and protect the rest of your teeth. When restorative treatment cannot save the tooth or has failed and left the tooth more seriously afflicted, tooth extraction might be the most effective option. In most cases, however, the next step should be to replace the extracted tooth, since tooth loss in any form could prove detrimental to your long-term good oral health.

After Tooth Extraction

If the tooth that is extracted is not a wisdom tooth, then there may be a chance that it will need to be replaced to preserve your good oral health. We may recommend a dental crown supported by a dental implant, which closely mimics the root-and-crown structure of a natural, healthy tooth. If you have had more than one tooth extracted, or if you’ve previously lost one or more teeth in addition to the extracted one, then we can discuss more comprehensive solutions, such as an implant-supported partial or complete denture.

Think You Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction may be the best way to preserve your oral health and allow Dr. Brent Cornelius, Dr. Jessica Geurkink, Dr. Sara Bustos, and our team at Sky Creek Dental, to restore the rest of your smile. To find out if a tooth extraction is necessary, schedule an appointment by calling Sky Creek Dental in Keller, at 817-431-4200

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