Invisalign vs SureSmile in Keller, TX

Are you debating between whether Invisalign vs SureSmile is best? We are putting our 2 cents in the jar with our reasoning for choosing Invisalign for patients coming to our practice for orthodontics.
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Here at Sky Creek Dental, we specialize in creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Brent Cornelius, Dr. Jessica Geurkink, and Dr. Sara Bustos, our Keller dentists, are committed to providing top-notch dental care, including advanced orthodontic solutions. Among these, Invisalign stands out as a popular choice for teeth straightening. But how does it stack up to similar clear aligner systems? We’re diving into the world of modern orthodontics to compare Invisalign & SureSmile to reassure you we’ve got your best interests at heart!

The Invisalign vs SureSmile Debate

In the realm of orthodontics, two systems have gained significant attention: Invisalign and SureSmile. Both are innovative approaches to teeth straightening, offering unique benefits. Understanding their differences is crucial for anyone considering orthodontic treatment. As your trusted Keller dentistry, Dr. Brent Cornelius, Dr. Jessica Geurkink, Dr. Sara Bustos, and the team at Sky Creek Dental are here to guide you through these options.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign is a name synonymous with innovation in orthodontics and has truly changed the landscape of teeth straightening. Here’s what makes it a preferred choice for many:

System and Technologies

Invisalign utilizes a series of custom-made, clear aligners, designed using advanced 3D computer-imaging technology. This allows our team to visualize your teeth’s current position and plan the entire treatment process with precision. It’s like having a roadmap for your smile’s transformation.

Invisalign’s treatment involves a series of aligners, each slightly different from the previous one. This design allows for a gradual and controlled movement of the teeth, ensuring both comfort and effectiveness.


The material used in Invisalign aligners, SmartTrack, is not just about invisibility. It’s engineered for optimal force delivery and flexibility, ensuring that each movement is gentle yet effective. This proprietary material is the result of years of research and innovation, designed to provide a comfortable fit and efficient tooth movement.


  • Nearly Invisible: The clear aligners are discreet, making Invisalign a great option for adults and teens.
  • Customized Treatment: Each set of aligners is custom-made to fit your teeth and gradually move them into the desired position.
  • Lifestyle Compatability: One of the most appealing aspects of Invisalign is its adaptability to your lifestyle. You can easily remove the aligners for important occasions, meals, and oral hygiene routines, making it a seamless part of your daily life.

Treatment Duration

The treatment duration varies, but on average, Invisalign takes about 12 to 18 months. Wearing the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day is important for optimal results.

How SureSmile Works

SureSmile is another cutting-edge orthodontic treatment, but with its unique characteristics:

System and Technologies

SureSmile aligners are designed using an advanced digital mapping technique. This process involves creating a virtual model of your teeth and using software algorithms to determine the optimal movement path. This digital precision ensures a highly targeted and efficient treatment plan.


SureSmile aligners are made from a proprietary, clear thermoplastic material, which is specifically engineered for orthodontic use. This material is chosen for its unique combination of clarity, strength, and flexibility, ensuring that the aligners are not only virtually invisible but also durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear.


  • Precision: Robotically-designed aligners offer a high level of precision in treatment.
  • Efficiency: The precise technology can lead to shorter treatment times compared to traditional braces.
  • Customization: Each SureSmile treatment plan is tailored specifically to the patient’s dental anatomy and desired results.

Treatment Duration

SureSmile treatments can be shorter than traditional braces, but the duration depends on the individual case. Typically, treatment spans from 6 to 18 months.

Key Differences Between Invisalign & SureSmile

Design Technology: In-Depth Comparison

  • Invisalign’s 3D Imaging Technology: Invisalign utilizes iTero 3D scanning technology, providing a comprehensive and accurate representation of the patient’s dental anatomy. This technology allows for the creation of a virtual model of the patient’s teeth, facilitating a detailed visualization of the treatment outcome even before it starts. This level of precision in planning is critical for customizing each aligner, ensuring that the treatment is tailored to the individual’s specific orthodontic needs.
Dr. Cornelius looking at an Invisalign patient's 3D scans and treatment plan

SureSmile’s Digital Mapping: SureSmile employs a sophisticated digital mapping process, which not only captures the current positioning of the teeth but also predicts and plans each movement throughout the treatment. This digital approach uses advanced algorithms to calculate the most efficient path to the desired tooth position, focusing on reducing treatment time while maintaining accuracy and effectiveness.

Material Composition: A Closer Look

  • Invisalign’s SmartTrack Material: Invisalign aligners are made from SmartTrack material, renowned for its flexibility and comfort. This material allows for a constant, gentle force on the teeth, resulting in effective movement with less discomfort. The material is also highly durable and less prone to breaking or warping, ensuring the aligners maintain their shape and effectiveness throughout the treatment duration.
  • SureSmile Aligner Material: SureSmile aligners are crafted from a specialized thermoplastic material, which is both strong and clear. This material has been chosen for its ability to apply a consistent force to move teeth efficiently, while also being comfortable for daily wear. The clarity of the material is a significant aesthetic benefit, as it maintains the near-invisible appearance of the aligners throughout the treatment.

Treatment Planning: Detailed Analysis

  • Invisalign’s Gradual, Progressive Movement: Invisalign’s treatment planning is based on the concept of gradual, controlled tooth movement. Each aligner is slightly different, moving the teeth incrementally. This approach minimizes discomfort and allows for regular adjustments based on the teeth’s response to the treatment. It’s a methodical process that prioritizes precision and patient comfort.
  • SureSmile’s Efficiency in Treatment Duration: The primary focus of SureSmile’s treatment planning is efficiency. By using their precise digital mapping and planning, SureSmile aims to reduce overall treatment time. This approach is particularly beneficial for patients looking for quicker results without compromising the quality of the outcome. The precise calculations and planning mean each aligner is optimized for effective tooth movement, potentially shortening the duration of the orthodontic treatment.

Why We Offer Invisalign To Our Patients

At Sky Creek Dental, our decision to choose Invisalign for our patients is rooted in its proven effectiveness, superior comfort and aesthetics, and the flexibility it offers in lifestyle.

Invisalign aligner in its carry case

Proven Effectiveness

  • Extensive Track Record: Invisalign’s success is not just anecdotal; it’s backed by over two decades of clinical research and more than 9 million satisfied users worldwide. This extensive track record provides a level of trust and predictability that is invaluable in orthodontic treatment.
  • Adaptable to Various Dental Issues: Invisalign’s technology is versatile enough to address a broad spectrum of dental alignment issues, from simple to complex cases. This adaptability ensures that most patients at Sky Creek Dental can benefit from this treatment.

The Patient Experience

  • Custom-Fit Aligners for Maximum Comfort: Each Invisalign aligner is custom-made to fit snugly over the patient’s teeth, reducing discomfort and irritation often associated with traditional braces. This personalized fitting plays a significant role in the overall comfort during the treatment.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The near invisibility of Invisalign aligners is a significant advantage, especially for adult patients who might be self-conscious about the appearance of traditional braces. This aesthetic benefit aligns well with the desires of our patients who seek an unobtrusive way to improve their smiles.

Aligning Treatment with Life

  • Removability is Key: The ability to remove Invisalign aligners for eating, brushing, and flossing is a game-changer. It allows our patients to maintain their oral hygiene easily and enjoy their favorite foods without restriction. This flexibility is a significant factor in patient compliance and overall satisfaction with the treatment.
  • Less Time in the Dentist’s Chair: Invisalign often requires fewer and shorter visits to our dentist in Keller, TX, compared to traditional braces. This is a huge benefit for our busy patients who appreciate the efficiency and time-saving aspect of the treatment.

Additional Benefits of Invisalign

  • Advanced Technology for Precise Treatment: Invisalign’s iTero Element scanner enables precise 3D imaging of teeth, allowing for accurate and efficient treatment planning. This advanced technology not only ensures a better fit but also provides a virtual preview of the expected results, greatly enhancing patient confidence in the treatment.
  • Safety and Health Considerations: The materials used in Invisalign aligners are BPA-free, ensuring no health risks associated with exposure to harmful chemicals. This commitment to safety is a priority at Sky Creek Dental, as we strive to provide treatments that are not only effective but also safe for our patients’ overall health.

Dr. Brent Cornelius, Dr. Jessica Geurkink, Dr. Sara Bustos and our team believe in the superior benefits of Invisalign, making it our preferred choice for creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign!

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